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Mar 21, 2011

RAISE Moves on Velvet Night!

RAISE Moves on Velvet Night
Saturday, April 30th 7pm
2nd Ave at 13th Street
Improv: approx. 10 minutes

Thank you to Professor Thom's Bar, Devin, all our supportive friends and art-lovers who watched RAISE Moves and partied at Velvet Night!  Please enjoy our footage below.  Video soon!

In the spirit of Velvet Night, we tried a slightly different angle of improv for RAISE Moves.  Our movement inspiration was guided by the incorporation of a red spandex cloth, which emphasized momentum and weight-sharing in a new, challenging way.  Paired with dramatic masks and heels, RAISE Moves was certainly a spectacle!

The study of improvisation continues:  It's a whole new experience with such an integral prop.  Finding the movement limitations and opportunities with it takes a little searching, along with a honed sense of communication with each other.  Definitely worth another look...

See you at our main stage show June 17-18, 2011!

Balcony view from Professor Thom's

The silent auction art gallery by amazing artists  including Daryl Batan & Jonathan Bush

Mar 7, 2011


Wednesday March 16th, 1pm
The Charging Bull at Bowling Green/Wall St.
Improv Length:  16 minutes


The rain cleared up in time for our TRADE moves that afternoon!  With so much direct inspiration--the symbolism of the bull, the people of Wall Street--it was a mindful experience as we kept moving across the line of emotional gesture and dance.  Experimenting with the levels of facial expression versus redirecting it into the body was another choice to consider.

A special thank you to Big Red One and Art Piccolo for their support and approval of our performance there!

Photos/Marco Monti