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Mar 21, 2011

RAISE Moves on Velvet Night!

RAISE Moves on Velvet Night
Saturday, April 30th 7pm
2nd Ave at 13th Street
Improv: approx. 10 minutes

Thank you to Professor Thom's Bar, Devin, all our supportive friends and art-lovers who watched RAISE Moves and partied at Velvet Night!  Please enjoy our footage below.  Video soon!

In the spirit of Velvet Night, we tried a slightly different angle of improv for RAISE Moves.  Our movement inspiration was guided by the incorporation of a red spandex cloth, which emphasized momentum and weight-sharing in a new, challenging way.  Paired with dramatic masks and heels, RAISE Moves was certainly a spectacle!

The study of improvisation continues:  It's a whole new experience with such an integral prop.  Finding the movement limitations and opportunities with it takes a little searching, along with a honed sense of communication with each other.  Definitely worth another look...

See you at our main stage show June 17-18, 2011!

Balcony view from Professor Thom's

The silent auction art gallery by amazing artists  including Daryl Batan & Jonathan Bush

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