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Jun 29, 2011

ARCH Moves

Friday, 7/22/11
Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan side
Approx. 35 minutes

            Karesia Batan
            Anna Brown Massey
            Ari Bergen
            Brighid Greene
            Breanna Gribble
            Meghan K. Haseman
            Jason Leonard
            Kaley Pruitt
            Susan Quinn
            EmmaGrace Skove-Epes
            and thank you Emily Jeffries for her footage and photos

In the Moves Project's first group improvisation, ten glowing dancers lit up the night adorned in luminescence against New York's bright skyline. Thanks to these playful and open dancers who joined us on the hottest night of the year, we invited hundreds of pedestrians and bicyclists on New York's most iconic bridge to celebrate the Moves Project's unexpected outdoor art.

Collaborating as a large group revealed the power of numerous bodies to create infinite variations. Watching the translations of movement and timing across the dancers was so inviting that we plan to continue our study in the coming months with more group improvisations.  

We noticed all you photographers out there snapping photos of our glowing show. Please send them to  Thanks!