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Sep 19, 2011


12pm Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
South Street Seaport Dock, New York City
Dancers: Karesia Batan, Anna Brown Massey, 
Charles Bernard Gushue, Annette Herwander, Cristina Jesurun
The South Street Seaport inspired moving water and rope, evoking new ways to relate to each other and our nautical "set." Every month we approach our improv with a loose structure in order to pace our movement, form a story arc, and unify the group. We start from the same place, but create different destinations. We explore where movement exists in relation to the others and how to build both as an individual and as a collective force. Yet in this iteration of MOVES our most engaging choices occurred at the moments we surrendered the structure. The exploration continues--finding new ways to perform a cohesive, inspired improvisation. Until next month!
 Photos by Mimi Stefanova Photography